lauantai 14. tammikuuta 2012

A Day In Suomenlinna

Talking with my grandfather who's by far one of the most elegant, well-mannered and best dressed man I've ever met. He worked for the Finnish army for 30 years and always tells very tough and exciting stories.

Btw, the fact that we were both rockin' a striped tie and a paisley pocket square was only a coincidence. :D

Jacket, Schoffa(Cerruti Super 120's). Shirt, Oscar Jacobson.
Tie, Schoffa. Pocket square, Polo Ralph Lauren.

Coat, Closed(Cashmere-Wool). Scarf, Schoffa(100% Cashmere). Flannel trousers, Oscar Jacobson. Boots, Tiger Of Sweden. Weekend bag, Red Collar Project. Gloves, Sauso(Deerskin).

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