lauantai 6. marraskuuta 2010

Dressed Up Sporty? Dressed Down Formal?

I was just going through some Michael Bastian photos from a couple years ago and got inspired from the mixes. He's got a great way of making formal stuff look a little more sporty and spicing up the casual outfits with something more "dressed up". I mean take a look the 4th photo, a club jacket would be the obvious choice but he has come up with a flannel tux jacket. Or in the 2nd photo, a checked down jacket instead of a classic navy or gray topcoat.

This is the kind of stuff I find interesting; knowing how to come up with something new by using the classics. There's no need in reinventing the wheel every season, fashion designers don't need to come up new pieces of clothing(Hell with men's skirts, meggings and Gareth Pugh).


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