maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

Pitti Uomo 83° "Trendwatching"

Before I get my own photos here (damn computers!), I'll list a few items that quite a lot of the "Pitti guys" seemed to wore:

-Traditional Tuscan Casentino cloth in camel and brown but also in hot red and green. I have to get myself a coat in Casentino!

-Winter white: jeans, cords and flannels, but also jackets in flannel and moleskin. Also a few coats.

-Field jackets and M-65's (although, most guys were rocking classical coats and heavier sport jackets).

-Turtlenecks layered with polos, chambrays (as my friend Mr. A), button downs etc. 

-Bold, colorful, patterned scarves.

Great, pretty classic stuff!

photos:, Tommy Ton &

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