sunnuntai 9. kesäkuuta 2013

Visit to Manuel Vanni Showroom, Florence.

"Anton, you are the first blogger to ever visit our showroom, because you're special"

Those were the words Mr. Manuel Vanni said after inviting me to visit their beautiful showroom in Florence last January.
I was very excited about the invitation, not only have I been a fan Mr. Vanni's personal style for quite a while, but to get a look "behind the curtains" and to try on their fantastic designs would be great.

The next day I met with a gentleman named Mr. Gabriele Guidi at the Manuel Vanni stand in Pitti Uomo, walked to his car and drove a 15 minute drive through the city (had a great time, we talked about all kinds of stuff such as our jobs, girlfriends, hobbies. Talked some spanish too).

The showroom itself was very spacious and well-lit, one wall was filled almost entirely with suit bags and their clothing. In the back of them room was a gentleman working on some patterns (whom I found out to be their tailor Matheu).

I started off with checking out their S/S 13 collection (which you can buy from here) again, since I didn't have enough time to see everything last summer.
After a few photos, Mr. Guidi suggested that I would try on some clothes (the best part!).
As I would try on the most beautiful jackets and coats, Mr. Guidi would thoroughly explain and show me every details and feature that makes the garment special. I would think in my mind, this man really knows the product he's talking about.

After one (too quick) hour it was time to head back to the exhibion.

A big thank you for the whole team for your hospitality,  I will see you soon!

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Riku A kirjoitti...

Very well written text and extremely nice pictures. Ten points Anton!

Anton kirjoitti...

Thank you, sir.
Fresh material coming very soon. :)